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Your host, Philip Mershon
Your host, Philip Mershon

As a Hollywood researcher and historian (as well as a local resident), I’ll be talking to you about information that captures my heart like nothing else does!

Let me tell you how it all started.  I was raised as a Military Brat.    Every time I turned around it seemed, there was a new town, new school, and new people to get to know.  The one constant in my life back then was the old movies that were always shown in the afternoons and late nights on TV.  They, and the movie stars that populated them,  provided a sense of comfort and continuity for me, and they still seem like old friends.  If my TV only received Turner Classic Movies, I’d be fine with that.

When I moved to Hollywood in 1986, I couldn’t believe that at long last I was actually seeing and exploring the working, playing and stomping grounds of my old buddies.  In short order, I found myself working in the business and spent almost twenty years as a costume supervisor.  It enabled me to work on every studio lot in town and, in quite a few cases, meet and work with people I had admired for years.

Putting my historical knowledge to work, I was Associate Producer of “Joan Crawford: The Ultimate Movie Star” for TCM, as well as working on all of the special features on the 50th anniversary dvd of “Singin’ In The Rain” for Warner Home Video.

After all this time you might think I’d have had my fill, but my hunger remains and I still continue digging deeper and deeper for that next story.  I’ve surrendered to the fact that I’m probably always going to be like this.  So if you come on the tour and then a year later, take it again, don’t be surprised if there’s new stories that you didn’t hear the first time!

See you soon.

Philip Mershon