They Say The Sweetest Things!

“Thank you again for an absolutely brilliant tour.  The importance of what you do is nearly impossible to put into words.”

James M.  Feature film producer  Bel Air, CA


“Break away from Hollywood/Highland glitz for a dive into the origins of movies, radio, tv and music recordings. This tour weaves you through a half mile of historical settings near Sunset and Vine that begin in the 1800’s. Philip is not merely a “tour guide” — he expertly condenses his decades of research and knowledge with passion and joy. Thanks to Philip, I see Hollywood through a different lens and have a better understanding of the Southern California entertainment industry.”

-Martie B.,  Norman, OK


“Over 90 genuinely riveting minutes, the infectiously enthusiastic Mr Mershon tells the origins of America’s film, radio, TV and record companies.  You literally stand on the spot where the first talkies were shot, and pass venerable old theaters and studio lots, many of which are still in use today.  Seriously, forsake Hollywood’s ‘Walk of Fame’ – an awful racket in a crappy area – and learn where the real magic happened.”

-Cara Magazine, August 2018


“There are a lot of awful Hollywood tours but this one is the real deal.  Philip Mershon has a reputation as one of the best tour guides in Los Angeles and his passion for the history of Hollywood is contagious…..the tours are a genuinely nostalgic window into a bygone era.”

-Qantas Airlines Magazine, January 2016


“The tour is a ‘must’ for anyone interested in Hollywood history and legend. Philip Mershon provides a fascinating, fun, and insightful excursion into Hollywood’s past – all within a few short blocks along Sunset Blvd. It was refreshing to be escorted by someone so knowledgeable and so passionate about the forces and characters that shaped what we all know as Hollywood. If you want an experience without commercialism or tourist-trap stereotypes, then a walk with Philip along Sunset Blvd is for you. Great value, eye-opening, and memorable.”
-Stephen P.
San Diego

“As someone who was born and raised in Hollywood, I very much enjoyed this experience. Philip presented an in depth history of Hollywood, covering its’ beginnings along with the motion picture industry’s birth and growth in this legendary city. We walked up and down Sunset Blvd. at a relaxing pace, stopping at several landmark locations and hearing about many of the memorable events that took place at the very sites on which we were standing. You could tell that Philip has a very sincere interest and passion about the subject matter he is sharing with his all of his guests. The afternoon was a very enjoyable one for my wife and me. I would definitely recommend this tour to anyone.”
-John Duff
Toluca Lake, CA

“We went on a Wednesday and had a great time. Philip was our guide and he made old Hollywood come alive. There was five in our group and walking down Sunset Blvd, we relived the history from the beginning until now. I have lived in California and been to Hollywood before, but I never understood what vast history I was looking at. We took a cousin from England and he was blown away.”
-Ken Bruce
Long Beach, CA

“I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how unexpectedly wonderful your tour was. Certainly I never realized how much important history surrounded me whenever I ventured into that area of Hollywood. Also, the way that you told the stories and anecdotes with such enthusiasm and humor was terrific. Your passion for the subject is infectious. (In our discussions after the tour, the praise for you was effusive.) As I said on the day, I’ll never look at that section of the city in the same way again. With any luck, I’ll be able to bring some friends along and take the tour again sometime soon. Thanks again for a great experience!”
– Stan Giesea
Los Angeles

“Philip’s 90 minute walking tour when we were in Hollywood for a short vacation far exceeded our expectations. He made it all come alive with entertaining anecdotes and historical detail.
It is well worth the price and a hefty tip :)”
San Jose, CA

“I had been searching without success for a tour about the Hollywood story that was not a bus ride to see outside of stars homes. Philip’s tour was just what we were looking for, and more. I went with family from out of town, but driving on Sunset Blvd will never be the same for me after hearing about the history of the area around Sunset and Gower. He really made those buildings, many now abandoned or abused, come alive with the spirit of those who founded Hollywood, made the first sound movies, recorded the most memorable music etc. I won’t give it away with details, but you will learn about everything from the inception of the studios to where the Rat Pack bought their suits on this fascinating walk. Philip is a pleasure to listen to as he shares his passion and encyclopedic knowledge in this well organized but relaxed tour. Highly recommended for L.A. visitors and also definitely locals.”
– Judy C.
Los Angeles

“This tour is fascinating! In just a few blocks you hear incredible stories how Hollywood started, learn which buildings were home to the first movie studios that made all the classics and you stand where all the old Hollywood stars stood. This is the most unique and wonderful tour that I’ve been on and Philip Mershon is, with out a doubt, an old Hollywood encyclopedia that makes the tour so entertaining it’ll leave you wanting to know so much more.”
– Jeremy Glazer
Actor, Los Angeles

“Ok… let me be clear. I am NOT a Hollywood buff or even an old movie fan really… I mean, I can stand some classics and even enjoy them a bit but I don’t seek this stuff out. I’m not even a visitor, I have lived in Hollywood all my life. I thought I knew this town. I had NO IDEA. The beautiful and honest simplicity of Mr. Mershon’s ( the Felix in this thing) tour is somehow breathtaking in a town now packed to the gills with flashy roofless vans full of star-map toting tourists being taken literally and figuratively for a ride. This tour is the real deal. Its not long, its not far… but in 90 minutes my imagination was captured and I walked away with a humbling appreciation for the place I call home that I never dreamt possible. I will never look at Sunset Boulevard the same way again.”
-Chad Allen
Actor, Producer

“My Family has been in the “biz” for a long time. we all love old hollywood and thought we knew so much information about how hollywood started but after taking the Felix Hollywood Tour we realized we know only a little! The stories about how this town began are so riveting and exciting I felt like I was back in the 30’s at one point!!! I have recommended this tour to all my friends. It’s a lot of fun!!!”
-David Deluise
Actor, Director

“We went on this tour last weekend and had a real blast. It’s a great mix of old Hollywood trivia and locations with connections to the current. You’ll have a small group, so it’s VERY easy to interact and ask questions. It was such a good time I’m recommending it to friends and thinking about doing the tour a second time!”
-Helen Simmins-McMillin

“NewsFlash: In Hollywood? Going there? TAKE THIS TOUR/sidestep the traps. My friend Philip will show you the real deal.”
-John Wesely Shipp

“We see the buildings, new and old, the cracked sidewalks with the names of long-ago stars beneath our feet. What lies unseen and unheard are the stories that happened in old Hollywood. That mute testimony comes to life in Philip Mershon’s engaging, well-researched 90 minute walking tour of the heart of old Hollywood. He takes us from the very beginnings of Tinseltown, through its heyday in the 30’s to 50’s, and to its modern incarnations of skyscrapers juxtaposed with the less-than-glamorous. Highly recommended, especially for locals who want to learn some history beyond the Gray Line tours.”
-Rob M.
Los Alamitos, CA

“What a great experience! As a Native Angeleno who grew up in Hollywood I remember many of the places on the tour. What I did not know was the history behind the buildings, and the people who created “the industry.” Philip provided a real master class that was informative, interesting and (like its topic), entertaining. Great for residents and tourists alike.”

“The best tour of Hollywood I’ve ever had!”
-Carol Arthur Deluise
Actress and wife of the late, great Dom Deluise

“Driving in this area will never be the same. I’ll now be thinking about the rich history and fascinating stories that made Hollywood the entertainment capitol of the world. The tour was fantastic. The history and the underground stories of Hollywood and how it originated have always fascinated me, but this tour took it to the next level. It’s a “must do”!”
-Travis Quentin Young
Actor, Los Angeles

“This tour was great! The pace was relaxed, and Philip is very knowledgable about true Hollywood history. I learned a lot about the history of the entertainment industry, and had fun doing it!”
-Jym ‘Wizard’ DeNatale
Retired Stuntman

“Having attended Hollywood High school and after living and working in film and tv for the last 20 years, I thought I knew all the histories of my town. I was wrong. Philip’s tour is exciting and informative. The route is rich with stories and Philip is the right guy to tell them. I will never look at my home town the same again!

The Felix in Hollywood Tour Company, in the idiom of Variety is, “Boffo!”

Don’t wait. Grab a pal, a lover, an out of town guest and make your reservations now! This is Hollywood’s best kept secret.”

-Charlie Nicholson
Set Decorator